The spirit of cricket

The spirit takes a lot of patience and work. It is not just something which is there in the books . It is there in our acts on and off the field. To uphold the spirits of the game even when you are down takes a lot of courage.

In the 2011 tour to England where just about everything went wrong for the Indian Cricket Team a rare incident happened on the field which will always be remembered. Ian Bell, thinking the ball had reached the fence and not knowing that it was still in play, started walking back to the pavilion as it was the last ball before tea.The ball was not dead and Bell was short of the crease as the bails were removed after the fielder threw the ball back. This invited boos from the English crowd who presumed that their hero was robbed and the Indian players had foxed him. Dhoni withdrew his appeal and allowed Ian Bell to resume his innings again. By doing this Dhoni kept the spirit alive and though India went on to lose the match but won many hearts.

Being Ultimate is Paramount but it cannot exist without the Spirit………

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